Most companies recognize the importance of cost-effective and efficient document management

Industry analysts report that as much as 3% of annual revenues are spent on document production. However, the expertise and time it takes to achieve those objectives can be difficult to manage.

Denitech’s print service utilizes a data-driven approach to gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire document workflow infrastructure. The data gained through this approach allows us to create a customized solution to enhance your organization’s efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

The Denitech 360°™ is a complimentary assessment that creates visibility into your current document infrastructure.

Denitech 360°™

This process gives you the tools to enhance the following areas of your business:

Cost Control & Management

Workflow Automation

Information Security

Environmental Sustainability

You will be provided with fact based data that identifies areas of cost reduction & cost containment.

We will be more than happy to show you specific examples during your first meeting with one of our consultants

Bottlenecks and time intensive processes inside your organization’s document lifecycle will leave an opening for solutions to impact the productivity of your staff and increase profitability.

You can read more about these solutions in the Workflow Automation section of our site.

Disaster recovery and security options.

With the government regulations increasing by the year and the security concerns email and internet usage have generated, we can quickly provide options to protect your information along with an ROI analysis

Green practices you could implement to assist in your organization’s carbon footprint.

We care about doing our part with the environment to ensure a healthy and safe future for our children.

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